Flowing Field Zendo 

Located in the Columbia River Gorge, the Flowing Field (of benefaction) Zendo (福田禅堂) is affiliated with Dharma Rain Zen Center. It is an inclusive place for sharing the practices of zazen (meditation), mindfulness, reflection, and ethical living.  

Regular Weekly Schedule (Sept 9, 2023 to May 25th, 2024) 

Saturday zazen (7:30am), chanting (8:00am), and tea/sharing (8:15-8:45/9:00 am).

(Calendar is up-to-date and sign up for reminders if that suits you.)

Sesshin*--Please see Dharma Rain Zen Center for ongoing intensive retreats.  

*Sesshin means Searching the heart.” A multiple days periods of intensive practice. 

Sanzen--(traditional Zen interview with a teacher) Please email Sosetsu (mark) directly or through the contact form for informal interview appointments.